Oncor Electric Delivery Company is Texas’s largest transmission and distribution utility – the 6th largest in the nation – serving more than 10 million Texans living in 401 cities and 91 counties in the state. 


A brand needs to be managed, nurtured and strategically enhanced over time so it evolves to meet market changes and business goals. Oncor Electric Delivery had started to gain momentum with its brand and by putting a human face on what they did using the “I Am Oncor” message. Over time the brand became diluted with the introduction of multiple signature programs that had little to no ties to the master brand. It was time to enhance the Oncor brand and move it further along the brand spectrum, closer to their customers with an updated brand vision and personality; consistent tone of voice and brand identity; Incorporation of what customers see, feel and hear and greater sub-brand consistency with the master brand. 

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